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Hit Man With a Heart Poem
Fluffy by AliMom
Hit Man writing prompt entry
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Fluffy is the reason I stand before the court
Never had a mission I had reason to abort
In all my years of handling business with my trusty gat
I never failed to get away until this stupid cat

I carried out my murderous spree, killed everyone inside
Had disposal sites to leave them for their final messy ride
Cleaned up the place in great detail erasing what had been
Leaving no sign of human life I went to leave, and then

A sweet striped kitty made a sound so plaintive and so sweet
Her big bright eyes looked up at me as she lay at my feet
I drew my gun intentionally prepared to silence her
She rubbed her bod' against my leg and then began to purr

Fulfilled the deadly contract killing everyone I met
Then realized no one was left alive to feed the family pet
My getaway could have been clean, my payoff at the top
But I went back for Fluffy and that's when I met the cop.

Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem about a hit man with a heart of gold.

Author Notes
gat - slang for gun

Funny, the things which trip us up in life. The things which touch our hearts and give us pause. I wonder if they let him keep the cat while he awaited his execution.


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