- Failures - My Greatest Teacherby Kit Nongkhlaw
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Failures teach me to work hard and be humble
Failures - My Greatest Teacher by Kit Nongkhlaw
Failure writing prompt entry

I wanted to know the result
I also did not want to know
Because in my heart I already knew.
However, the curiosity got the better of me.

I went to college to see the result
Of my BA first year examination
I kept on staring at the result noticeboard
Yes, my name was not there.

I came back home devastated
I cried, but with unseen tears
My heart was full of mixed emotions
This was my first failure in academics.

Can I blame my destiny, my fate?
Because our loving mother passed away
For, the problems of life were too many
Even to pawn my mother's wedding ring.

Then I failed again in my BA final year
However, this time it was different.
I could accept it with a pinch of salt,
I decided to do better next time.

With grit and determination,
I tried again and finally graduated
However, am I satisfied to be a graduate
Or could I do better than that?

I set my mind to be somebody
I worked hard with determination
I could crack one of the toughest
Examinations and became a banker.

Yes, failures stopped me for a while
However, they could not stop me forever
They taught me to work hard and be humble
I am what I am today because of those past failures.


Writing Prompt
Write a free verse poem about failure. No rhyming patterns.

Author Notes
This is a true story.
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