- Blue Eyed Womanby LaChelle King
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Domestic Abuse seen from a child's perspective
Blue Eyed Woman by LaChelle King

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Sometimes she feels like her heart with red is getting smaller and smaller to a void of nothing

Abandonment was there a lot for a blue eyed baby with sweet cheeks. But there was a blue eyed monster that was black and hollow inside.

The shapes being seen in her room petrified that baby until she was 11

Sleeping with lights on because that's when the beating would start of a blue eyed mother.

She'll never be good enough for that blue eyed man but that 11 year old took her power.

Screaming at him to protect the blue eyed mother and putting her into her bed. She grew 10 feet as the ceiling shifted taller for her.

Forever being stuck as that child inside her heart. That blue eyed woman now hugs that sweet cheek baby inside herself.

Trying to rock herself and hugging that precious child so she doesn't turn into a blue eyed monster.



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