- Isolation Interrupted?by Elizabeth Emerald
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Bowl in sink tells a tale on me: Does it speak the truth?
Isolation Interrupted? by Elizabeth Emerald
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Courtesy of my friend Scott, who provides holiday meals to the needy and greedy, my son Doug and I enjoyed a delectable turkey dinner, though we were unable to share a table on account of my being in confinement for corona. 

I haven't left my bedroom for the past nine days.

Or have I?

My daughter and son think I must have.

On Monday, Lauren noticed "my" bowl in the kitchen sink. The apparent residue of my favorite peanut butter sludge concoction convinced her.

I've been washing my bowls in my bathroom. I figured I must have overlooked that one, and that she'd unthinkingly put it in the sink when she carried down the dishware and utensils accrued on my tray.

Alternatively, perhaps Lauren had mistaken Doug's crusted-over bowl of oatmeal for mine. 

Lauren was doubtful of both scenarios; regardlesss, we put it out of mind.

Shortly after noon, Doug called to let me know he'd placed Scott's hot turkey dinner outside my door. I thanked him, and assured him I'd give him a minute to scoot back to his room before I opened my door to retrieve it.

Doug said he wasn't in fear of contracting corona. He'd been wearing a mask all week long and spraying the countertops, the cabinets, and the refrigerator. He'd assumed I'd been using the kitchen, ever since he noticed my bowl in the sink.

This unsettling event concludes part two of My Mysterious Case of Corona.

I hope there will be no further occurrences that defy explanation.

Regardless, I'm outta here come Saturday morning.



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