- I stopped Wearing It!by lauralumummu
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Not a anti-mask story.
I stopped Wearing It! by lauralumummu
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I didn't wear the mask. I felt so vulnerable, my true feelings showed on my face. I had to tell someone or I might burst. Having built a protective wall around my heart, this wasn't easy. The hurt and anger were so evident on my face. Being transparent was agony. I told them everything - the whole painful truth.
No one believed me! These people were my closest confidants, but their eyes were staring at me in such a judgemental way. "You are such a Drama Queen," they said.
Much later I forgave him! Forgiving them for not believing me was much more difficult. I was just a young girl when it happened - why would I lie?

Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with this sentence: I didn't wear the mask.
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