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Planned Parenthood ad by HarambeForPresident
    2-5-2 Poem Contest Winner 

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.

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Writing Prompt
Write a 2-5-2 poem. The first line has 2 syllables. The second line has 5. The final line has 2 again.
2-5-2 Poem
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Special thanks goes out to Margaret Sanger for her admirable efforts to exterminate children of unsuitable races.

* * *

This piece, which seems to have confused and deeply upset some readers, is not an actual Planned Parenthood ad, but a criticism of their ongoing expression of systemic eugenics, disproportionately reducing future voting citizens of color. It is intended to be upsetting. I believe in having open dialogue on upsetting topics.

Images scoured from corners of the Interwebs. The heart one was digitally salvaged from a sweatshirt.

For another vile sample of my writing that references abortion, try this. Also, watch for my upcoming series about Kamala Harris.


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