- The Unknown Preacher's Daughterby Kit Nongkhlaw
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How she overcame temptations
The Unknown Preacher's Daughter by Kit Nongkhlaw
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It was a Sunday afternoon. The church was medium-sized and all the benches were almost occupied. The simple, unknown preacher was preaching one of his best sermons. His wife and their teenage children sat along with other churchgoers.

The story here was not about the sermon he preached, even though it was an excellent subject. The story here was about the beautiful illustration he gave just before he concluded the sermon.

The illustration goes like this:

This is a true story. It was an amazing true story. It happened to one person, the love, friendship, and attachment between the father and his college-going daughter. Please listen to it carefully because it was true.

The father came home early from his work. He was weeding and attending his kitchen garden, while the sun was almost set. Suddenly, he saw the gate open and his college-going daughter, in her late teen, entered the compound. From her posture and demeanor, he knew something was wrong with her.

He saw her face blush with her young, teenage blood. He stood up from where he was working and looked at her. She came to him with that move where only the father and daughter bonding with love would understand.

The moment she reached her father, she hugged him tightly and tears flowed from both her blushed cheeks. The father understood the emotion of his daughter and did nothing except pat her back with his powerful arms, consoling his daughter with his actions and not words. He knew this was what she needed.

An awkward moment and minutes silently passed before his daughter could speak.

"Thank you, Papa. Thank you so much," she spoke at last without releasing her grip, hugging her father.

"What happened, dear?" asked the father.

It was awkward for both of them, hugging and standing outside. The daughter suddenly realized they were outside. She released the hugging, while the father, taking his daughter's arms, both of them went inside their house.

Once inside the privacy of their home, the daughter told her father this story.

Her friends in college convinced her to go with them. As they were her friends, she did not suspect anything. She went along with them. They took her to the big golf course on the city's outskirts.

Once they reached the corner of the golf course, they sat down in the shaded area seldom frequented by people. Then they started burning something like a cigarette, but she knew it was not a cigarette. They passed the thing around, inhaling the little smoke.

Then it came for her turn. They gave that thing to her to smoke. When she took it, she could not put her mouth to it. She was shivering from head to toe. She suddenly realized she was about to smoke pot.

Then she remembered the family rituals. The daily family Bible readings, discussions, and prayers which her father had taught her since the time she was too young to remember. Closing her eyes, she made a silent prayer. She prayed to the Lord to give her strength to fight and win the fierce battle she was facing.

Her friends forced her, cajoled her, threatened her. They did all the things to convince and to force her to do the things they were doing. The temptation was too much, but then she remembered the Lord's temptations in the wilderness. The Lord overcame the temptations by Satan, so she decided she must also overcome them.

It was a fight between peer pressure and family teachings. It was a fight between her head and her heart. This was a fierce fight a young teenage, college girl fought that afternoon. This fight would decide her future: her present gratification of pleasure or the bright future. The battle she fought was the one that would decide her future, not only here on this earth, but for eternity. It was a fight with what others did and what she herself believed.

"Thank you, Papa," she said finally. "I won the battle. I did not succumb to the temptations, because of what you taught me since childhood. You taught me to know the Lord, read the Bible, and also pray. I prayed, and the Lord gave me strength."

Both the father and daughter cried. They held their hands and cried together. They cried tears of joy. Both cried tears of love, bonding, and happiness. To win this battle was much more important than winning the gold medal in the Olympics.

Then the simple, unknown preacher in that church finally said," How many of us parents cried tears of pain and regret because we have not taught our children to know the Lord. We cried because we ourselves neglected to read the Bible and to teach our children. The world took and got our children because we have not taught them the Way, the Truth and the Life of Christ."

"And how many of us parents cried tears of joy, love, and happiness because our children overcame the temptations of Satan and this world. How many of us cried because our children brought joy and happiness to us as parents?"

"Therefore, my brothers and sisters, if you have cried tears of joy and happiness, continue to do so. Continue to teach your children the way of God. Continue to do that so that the world we live in would be a better place."

"Meanwhile, if we have neglected the daily routine of reading the Bible and prayers in our home, let us go home today with a new conviction. Let us make a habit of reading the Book of Life, the Bible, daily. Please start this by yourselves first, and then teach your children the same. Let us do this, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but tonight."

"May God bless each one of us with eternal blessings, Amen."

The simple, unknown preacher and his family came back from the church service. When they reached home, his teenage college-going daughter said, "Thank you Papa for that beautiful sermon and the illustration. I saw a few women in the church cried silently while you were delivering the sermon."

"Thank you, Papa, for everything you have done for me and our family. Thank you for the illustration naming nobody. Because I know that the father and daughter you illustrated are no one else but you and me."

We hugged and cried again. We cried tears of joy, love, and happiness. What an amazing relationship, bonding, and love between the father and daughter. This time, the whole family witnessed the scene and praised the Lord for all the blessings showered on them.

This will remain forever etched in my memory, my daughter, and my family because that simple, unknown preacher is none other but me.


Writing Prompt
Describe a memory, a lesson taught or learned, or a moment shared that will stay with both parent and child forever.

Prose only. No minimum or maximun word count.

Author Notes
This is a true story. My daughter is now working as an Assistant Professor in the same college she studied and where this thing happened.


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