- Wheels Of Lifeby jaybird1
This work has reached the exceptional level
A personal lamentation- sonnet
Wheels Of Life by jaybird1

The wheels of my life keep daily spinning,
as I hang on for another inning.
My body is bent, my eye sight long gone,
I hope that fate will let me carry on.

My life has harbored many ups and downs,
gave me peace and joy, also tears and frowns.
I've served many years way beyond my prime,
knowing soon, or later comes closing time.

If our mind is sound we always want more,
before time and fate comes to close the door.
I have served my time and have served it well,
what is yet to come, only time may tell.

In closing I ask the powers that be-
Walk along this long, lonely road with me.



Author Notes
Don't we all wish for a little more time on Gods green earth- jaybird


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