- When I Am Goneby PoeticXscape
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A poem
When I Am Gone by PoeticXscape

When I am gone, should you forget.
Even though we have never met.
Read my poems aloud, every one.
And feel as I did, the warmth of the sun.

Let the flowers take root on the surface of your heart.
Let the wonder of love start.
In those lines, my soul lies hence.
I did not perch on anyone's fence.

I spoke my truth to the hearing and the deaf.
There was no doubt in the convictions that I left.
I am not a greatly educated man but I know well enough.
The struggles of human life and the healing of its love.

I was not born to enjoy the pleasures you endure.
My emotions overwhelm me furthermore.
Remember not the loss that you will endeavour.
Read my words and know that for fact my love lives forever.



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