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Trinity's Story by Begin Again
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Opulent was the word of the day!
Two local floral shops provided baskets of white gladiolus, long-stemmed white roses, white carnations, and lily of the valley. surrounded by delicate ferns and trailing vines of ivy. Blush-pink peonies added a soft touch of color.
Elaborate bows of satin and tulle adorned each church pew with two pink rosebuds in the center of them. Lovebirds chirped from cages near the stained-glass windows. Soft organ music greeted the guests as they took their places.
Today was Trinity’s day. A vision she dreamed of throughout her childhood. She’d imagined every flower, every song, every second of how the day would unfold. Her fairytale wedding with the love of her life remained etched in her mind.
The beautiful bride allowed herself one momentary glance at her reflection and smiled. The image staring back at her was breathtaking. Tears glistened in the corner of her eyes. She looked stunning, better than any of her dreams. She wondered if her mom and dad were watching from Heaven’s Gates.
No one would suspect her dress was homemade. She felt the love in every stitch, every seam, and every applique handstitched by the loving hands of her grandmother. Trinity’s dream dress was off the shoulder, bareback, and exposing her cleavage. Grandma envisioned a bit of modesty and added a white lacy shawl with touches of embroidered soft pink rosebuds. Trinity couldn’t deny the woman who raised her anything, especially something so perfect.
Trinity moved to the church entrance and peeked inside. To her amazement, her family and friends filled the pews. She imagined the people she didn’t recognize to be relatives of Paul. His influential family included doctors, lawyers, and even a few government officials. Today, the church served the rich and the poor.
The men and women she’d worked side by side for the last two years wore their military blues and filled two full pews. She knew she would miss their friendship. She’d depended on them, and now she vowed to keep them in her thoughts and prayers.
Outside, a row of freshly washed cars parked behind a shiny black limousine. Trinity gasped as she watched Paul, dressed in a black tuxedo, step from a car, double-parked near the entrance. He wore a tiny pink rosebud on his lapel. Butterflies danced throughout her body. She wanted to run her fingers through his thick black hair and kiss his lips, but she couldn’t just yet. She’d seen God’s vision and knew the moment would come.
The priest and two altar boys took their places. A male soloist stood to the right of the podium. The organist awaited her cue to begin. All the guests stood and turned to face the entrance door as the music started.
The young man cleared his throat, nodded, and let the words come from deep within his lungs, clearly sounding like Josh Groban, the original artist.

Trinity’s heart swelled with love and the glory of God as she listened to the words.
“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong when I am on your shoulders.
You raise me up to more than I can be.”

She tightened her arm around Paul’s, praying he knew she would always be by his side. Trinity could feel the warm glow encircling them and knew God had blessed them. Their love would last through eternity.
Tears streamed down Paul’s face. Trinity wished she could make him see her dream. She desperately wanted him to feel her love and to know it would always be there for him. She wanted to share this day of celebration with him, even though it wasn’t what either of them had imagined.
Her angelic spirit walked with Paul, past weeping family and friends, as pallbearers moved her casket, draped in lace and white flowers, to the front of the altar. Her favorite picture sat nearby with a ribbon that read, “Rest in Peace.” Candles flickered everywhere in honor of her life.
She gently kissed Paul’s cheek before returning to her ultimate resting place as angels sang Hallelujah and the service began. Grandma hugged the embroidered shawl tight against her heart and wept as she whispered goodbye as Trinity’s story came to an end.


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