- The desperation poemby Sammy105
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Just love me
The desperation poem by Sammy105

Love me from the next room,
Love me from halfway across the world,
Love me if the sky collapses on you,
I will try make sure you're safe

Love me while you're in another's arms,
Love me while you're lost in your day,
Love me when you just don't care,
I'll do the caring for you...

Love me when you're feeling desperate,
Love me when you're feeling fine,
Love me when you wanna hit your head against the wall
I'll make sure you don't bruise yourself....

Love me when you hate me,
Love me when you think I'm moving on,
Love me when you want to crawl under a rock...
I'll crawl with you...

Love me like there's no tomorrow,
Love me like there might be a tomorrow,
Love me like we both have an hour to live...
Let's make the hour worthwhile...


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