- Now I Knowby Mama Baer
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How did you come to know your ABCs?
Now I Know by Mama Baer
Write a Children's Abecedarian Poem contest entry

A little wooden
Box full of letters A to Z, tucked
Carefully in the corner of Grandma's playroom.
Do you see?

Each one has a magnet
Forged to its back, except on some the
Glue is missing and the paint
Has turned all black.

I like to dump them out
Just enough so I can find, the
K (that's the one that starts my name)
Like kitten, kite, and kind.

My grandma keeps her magnet board
Next to the games. I set it down right
On the floor and
Practice hard to spell my name.

Quick as a wink, I spell it out,
Right there on that board.
Still, lots of letters are left in the box.
Twenty-six is a lot! I bet some feel ignored. So...

Under my name I make more words, like
Violin, rabbit, and queen. I
Wonder how to spell
Xylophone, but I don't even know what that means!

You should see Grandma's letter collection someday.
Zip over when you have time to play.


Author Notes
I have been "attracted" to magnets since I was a child. With this piece, I tried to elicit the wonder of learning to spell (now I know my ABCs) along with the charm of vintage toys at Grandma's house. This was a fantastic challenge and great fun to wrangle words into Abecedarian order. Thank you for reading!


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