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My Forever Hawk. by aryr
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Many years ago, I lost the love of my life to a tragic accident. But first, however a brief history of the events that proceeded this loss.

There was a time when my life took a downhill spiral. Nothing seemed to turn out and life in general sucked. My father had died caused by an aoric aneurism, my mother hated me because she blamed me for his death and my sister also hated me, for reasons only she knew.

Fortunately, my aunt and her husband, a new uncle seemed to understand and decided to give me a break. I was to join them for a summer break, which then became many over the years.

This first summer was ideal. It was a time I truly needed. I had met my Aunt Teresa when she was still married to Fred when he was still alive. Now I was to meet Uncle George, the new man. An amazingly helpful and creative gentleman. I also met Clayton, his foreman and who was ten years my senior. As he grew older, so did I.

It was great. I loved it and immensely enjoyed it. Three years of compassionate understanding by everyone involved. Then a silly school trip accident that caused my sight loss, I now became legally blind which would last for just a little over four years. During that time, I was supported by my fellow students, my aunt and uncle, Clayton and the crew. However, not by my mother, I became a hindrance to her. I was constantly belittled, harassed, I was a nobody in her eyes.

My aunt and uncle still desired my company during the summer, they even created a job for me. Of course, Clayton always seemed to be there providing protection if needed. He was understanding and caring. As I was reaching my sixteenth birthday, a concern was growing for my safety at home. She, my mother, hated me and I was a problem to her. To her the solution was simple, she had no problem bootlegging and she definitely had no problem prostituting me.

Clayton came up with a solution. It was pretty far-fetched but totally doable. I was to marry him within twenty-four hours of turning sixteen. We had become comfortable with each other. He had always been there for me. We had our meals together with the others. They had become my family and I relished the thought.

George had it all figured out. He would call in favors from the various judges he knew to get a legal guardianship assigned to him. He would do so without her ever knowing. Then he would arrange for himself and my aunt to pick me up since my birthday was on a Friday that year, but I think any day would have worked out fine. His plan was to take me out for a well-deserved dinner. Then he would secret me away to marry Clayton.

What I hadn't realized was it was not the hardship Clayton had made it out to be. Three years before, after he met me, he had decided that he was going to persuade George he really wanted to marry me. He just had to wait for me to grow up a little. When the concern became an issue, it was time.

George had worked his magic. The day had come, my mother was clueless. I was willingly giving up my freedom to the man I loved.

We had a quick dinner to which the entire crew was invited and knew what was happening next. They wished us well. The judge who had been invited with his wife, left with us after dinner so we could proceed.

Clayton and I were married the night of my sixteenth birthday, I was finally free of her. That night we consummated our marriage. Clayton was the gentlest man, making sure I was ready. He took the time to explain everything to me. The following three and a half weeks were blissful.

Then the accident. I was home making lunch-just a couple of sandwiches, when I heard the boom then the crash. I ran to the site. People were everywhere and several called my name. I didn't hear the voice I wanted to hear.

Then I heard the whisper. I shouted out to anyone to guide me to that whisper.

"Clayton, I am here, I'm trying to find you?"

Another whisper, "Love! I'm trapped, I can't get to you."

I cried, "I can't get to Clay, someone help me, damn it, help me!"

Arms wrapped around me and gently walked me to his side. Silence surrounded, everyone was now silent. I was guided to my knees. My hands slid to his face.

"Aww, you found me, thank you. The clunk on my head blinded me. There is also a heavy weight on my chest that I can't seem to get rid of. I guess we are two blind fools." He coughed and coughed. Fortunately, I was unaware of the blood from his mouth.

I got as close to his head as possible and cradled him in my lap.

"Whenever you see a hawk either in the sky or sitting on something, know I am watching over you. I will always watch over you."

I leaned over and kissed his forehead. A few minutes later the ambulance showed up, it was too late, he was gone.

My aunt and uncle arrived shortly after the ambulance had. Gentle arms raised his head from my lap and then they both engulfed me. I was surrounded by the cries and condolences.

I survived the funeral and my new family helped in any way they could. My three and a half weeks of bliss was gone forever.

You know, even after fifty-six and a half years, I still watch for hawks. They are everywhere. I regained my sight about three and a half years later, but before then I would listen for their cry. Now I hear them as well as see them and I know he is still watching over me.

Thanks so much for the wonderful memories. It was good to relive them. Again, thank you.

1026 words.

Author Notes
A sweet memory, one that I will remember until the day I die and join Clayton in heaven.
A special thanks to eileen0204 for the Hawk Portrait.


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