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Business As Usual by aryr
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I am very good at my job, 'My Psychic website' is a booming business. Usually, I can predict the types of people, who will want to talk about reaching out to spouse or family member that has departed from this world.

My work phone rang, I answered with, "My Psychic, Andrea, speaking. How may I help you?"

A hushed, quiet male voice answered, "I will be dead in 48 hours, can you tell me how, why and when?"

Normally, I never spoken with someone who was so shockingly abrupt, so purposeful. Definitely more information was required. Pressing forward, was definitely needed.

"You sound so definite about your death, sir. May I ask why?"

"I, have done a card reading on myself and the death card showed up all three times. That is why I need to know the how, why and when parts. It is not a simple matter of knowing that I will die, that much I do know."

As I listened to him speak, I did a quick spread of the Tarot Cards and without even his name, the Death card showed up first thing. This was a little shocking, even for a psychic.

"Could I get your name, please?"

"Sure, not a problem. My name is Harold James Smythe, I live at 1336 Old Orchard Road in Minot, North Dakota. My phone number is 701-))#-$#%&. My credit card number is ##@% $%&# @@#$ ##@%. Anything else you need?"

"For right now, that information is fine, Harold."

"Great, can I now get my answers?"

"Sure, that is not a problem. You do know that dabbling with Tarot Cards is not something for a usual person to do? I legally have to give you that warning. Now, I know that you have done a total of three readings, correct?"

"That is absolutely correct."

"While I spoke with you, I did a quick spread. Would you care to describe the six- card spread?"

"Not at all, the first was the death card, the second was the lovers, the third was the moon card, the fourth was the Ace of Swords, the fifth was the fool and I am unclear about the sixth. Did you draw it yet?"

"Are you an untrained psychic? Or a trained one? Do you have psychic abilities?"

"I have never touched a deck of Tarot cards until three days ago, when I picked them up at a local psychic supply store. And no, not to my knowledge. Why?"

"Just asking and clarifying. Okay, now something you can answer for me...are you in a relationship?"

"No. I was but I am recently divorced."

"Okay, are the cards in the order of your three draws? And no, I haven't drawn the sixth card yet. What do you think it will be?"

"Yes, they are a duplicate of my three draws. It will be the Knight of Cups, same as my other draws."

I turned the sixth card over and true enough it was the Knight of Cups. "Okay, it was the Knight of Cups. Now to deal with the how, why and when. Because you have recently been divorced the death card does not mean death in a literal way, because of the lover's card and the moon card you will shortly enter into a relationship just before a full moon or most likely just after. The Ace of Swords means that you will fight for your love and the Fool card shows that you will be cautious. The Knight of Cups shows you loving with your heart and following such. All in all, you are not about to die and that was precisely why I gave you the warning."

"What a relief? Is there anything else you need?"

"Just your code number on the back of the card. You have a blessed day, okay."

I hung up and immediately called Detective Whyte. "Hi, it's Andrea. You might want to check on and keep an eye on Harold James Smythe, I'll give you the details in a moment. He did a Tarot reading on himself three times and I did the same reading, card for card. Please, keep him alive. I had to lie to him. Thanks."

Of course, I didn't charge his card. This was a complimentary call.

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Writing Prompt
Write a story about a psychic who helps solve a crime or predicts a future event that occurs. Minimum word count: 300. Maximum word count: 700.

Author Notes
Thank you so much for the artwork- Dark Lady by cleo85.


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