- For are by royowen
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A poem for a friend.
Mixed Bouquet for a Beautiful Babe
: For are by royowen

You are so brave, but I'm a knave,
not knowing what to say.
How could I know? I've lost the flow,
my colour is dull grey.

You are a doll, I'll take a poll,
you look like you're a queen.
Now this I've seen, that you will glean,
and drink from Heaven's stream.

Get well real soon, and this I'll croon,
you're needed on this site.
So we'll all sing, and we will bring
a song to heal your plight.

Because we care, we'll say a prayer
and trust that God will do,
for you much more, from Heaven's store
and we will join on cue.

R.Owen 30/07/2021


Author Notes
This is for Karenina, a dear friend and an angel-girl. She was involved in an accident and is recovering, her dear daughter Jess is answering all of Karen correspondence, both personal an fantory stuff. Wishing her a swift recovery in Jesus name.

Thanks for reading. R.Owen
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