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Department Of Revenue by pharp
Funny poem about your job writing prompt entry

Once upon a year, I worked for the State...

I was never on time, but always late.

I arrived just in time to sit and chill;

talking with co-workers gave me a thrill.

I worked in income tax- issued refunds;

refunds mailed out late - due to lack of funds

I worked nine to five - my life was complete,

...for this job, I had a quota to meet.

I worked at my job and performed it well;

my devotion unnoticed - I could tell.

The State's laws were vital for me to know -

with P & I means there's much one would owe

I sent out notices for payments due;

I'm not sure if I sent one out to you.

I carried out my duties as was told -

As the years passed by, I got pretty old.

I worked for - Revenue, twenty-eight years;

when I retired, I could hear all the cheers


Writing Prompt
Write a humorous poem about your job. It can be any job, but it has to rhyme.


Author Notes
Artwork: Google Images

P & I = Penalty and Interest

I worked for the State Government - Department of Revenue, Income Tax Division.

I issued refunds, but mostly I had to contact taxpayers for money they owed the State and assessed penalties and interest.

I was a Revenue Section Supervisor and was never late for my job.
(just adding a bit of humor)


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