- Adamby nomi338
This work has reached the exceptional level
The timeworn story of man's downfall.
Adam by nomi338

Adam surrendered a rib,
For the perfect woman Eve.
It was not too much to give,
For the prize that he received.

Seduced by forbidden fruit.
Eve should have tried to fight it.
Adam became her recruit.
And so, he chose to bite it.

Satan gloated like he'd won,
He was proud of his deceit.
This demon will be undone,
When he goes down in defeat.

His end is down in writing.
Does not matter what he does.
He may well go down fighting,
The earth will be like it was.


Author Notes
I know this story is as old as time. However, it bears telling again and again until we as a species get the full impact of its message. Do not be misled. The Bible was written for our benefit, so that we would have no excuse for being deceived into losing our hope for life in the marvelous future that God has planned for us.


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