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A poem
Sweet Words by PoeticXscape

Sweet words by you were said.
I thought you were the butter to my bread,
Thinking we'd make a sandwich delicious and bold.
Turns out the bread was covered in mould.

Sweet words by me were written.
Because I was convinced I was smitten.
Wasting my precious ink on a feckless fraud.
Your attempt at poetry left me at the very least bored.

Sweet words by you were spoke.
How naive I was not to know they were a joke.
Hands up I was gullible as sin,
But it gave you no right to put my trust in the bin.

Sweet words by me were shared.
When you thought no one cared.
If only they knew how you repaid their kindness.
I guess loyalty goes hand in hand with blindness.

Sweet words by you were posted.
Attributes and claims you boasted.
Claims that could not be proved.
I was mad to think my life would improve.

Sweet words by me were believed.
Romance is something I didn't think I'd achieve.
You're not the worst man I met when it comes to deceit.
But boy do I feel sorry for the next guy you meet.



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