- Celebrating Motherby Anne Johnston
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In Memory of a Mother in Heaven
Celebrating Mother by Anne Johnston
Mother's Day Contest contest entry

In memory of mothers
this day has been set apart.
To show appreciation
for a loving mother's heart.

When we think of mother's love,
nothing can ever compare.
To how she gently nurtured
and showed us how she cared.

Perhaps we took for granted,
clean clothing to wear each day.
The dinner on the table
when we came inside from play.

The times she was so patient.
as we learned to do our chores.
Showing us a better way,
guiding our steps once more.

She always knew how to calm.
our hurt feelings and our fears.
Memory of smiles and hugs
will linger throughout the years.

Now she's no longer with us,
She has left this earthly sod.
Rewarded for faithfulness,
and forever home with God.


Author Notes
It is hard to express in words just what our mothers mean to us. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother, make sure you do all you can to let her know you love her Mother's day. For those of us whose mothers are gone, we cherish the memories.


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