- Death By Broken Heartby Leann DS
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Death By Broken Heart by Leann DS
New Arrival Flash Fiction contest entry
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They stood united, encircling his burial site in the hot air thick with anger, sadness, and grief. Their collective cries echoed throughout the plain, capturing the attention of passersby.

The family's matriarch, overwhelmed with despair, collapsed, unable, or perhaps unwilling, to stand. Her loved ones soothed her and gently encouraged her to carry on. She did not respond.

Many tears were shed as over fifty mourned together. It was on that day that the African elephants said farewell to and buried two from their herd: One murdered by the hands of poachers and one who died from a broken heart.


Author Notes
"Elephants bond with each other, often forming lifelong friendships. When elephants lose a friend or relative, they reject food, isolate themselves, guard the body, and sometimes die of grief."


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