- Write to Survive!by Aaqib Naeem
This work has reached the exceptional level
First 20 words of many that are yet to come.
Write to Survive! by Aaqib Naeem
20 Word Poem contest entry


Write your heart out.

Every single time...

For the sake of tender tales, you never should have left untold!


Author Notes
Author Notes:

Yet another message to myself, from myself.
And perhaps, to anyone else out there to whom these words may mean a little something.

I aim to use my writings as an outlet for saying and sharing, anything and everything I did not have the courage to voice before. I may still be able to keep my lips sealed tightly but I will no longer stop my proverbial pen from wreaking havoc. is what it is!

For I also have the right to survive and tell my own tales and my right to write shall be safeguarding them from now onwards.

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