- The Doubleby Iza Deleanu
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The Double by Iza Deleanu
A Deep Secret writing prompt entry

"Knock, knock! Who's there?"

"Your self-dare, f-ing scare!"

"Who let the dogs out?"

"What dogs, Crazy? The question is who let the cats out... remember we have cats, no dogs!"
"I remember, but I am not in the mood for philosophical bullshit. Tonight we will tell mom the truth, okay?"

"Are you sure, Precious?"

"Yup, I am tired of being your double-trouble. She needs to know, okay? She needs to know that you are alive."

"So, Crazy, how are we are going to do this? In the world we come from two in one its normal, but here... both of us will end up in the crazy-house!"

"Bro, we are already there. You know, mom feels something is strange, we are always showing her something new every day. One day you are happy, the next day you are f-ing suicidal! She calls this mood swings, but we know better than that; Precious you need to break the shell, let her see us, let her know the truth!"

"Fine, but I don't want to do it. Can you please?"

"Sure, I am Crazy for a reason."

That night Precious took his mom aside after dinner and invited her for a stroll in the garden. When they arrived by the pound he stopped and whispered: "Crazy, are you ready? It's time."

"No problem, bro I am here. Just ask mom to sit down."

"Okay. I am ready." Then he gently invited his mother to sit down.

"Mom, I have to tell you something, and please don't freak out!"

"Precious, I know..."

Crazy and Precious jumped in the same time and in two tones screamed: "You know? How?"

Mom calmly continued:" I know you are two in one. When I was pregnant my doctor told me that I am carrying twins. Then when the time came, just one of you came out. Deep down I knew I had my twins. Then when you started to grow up somehow I heard your squabbles. You call yourself Crazy, because you are the adventurous one. You are the one who speaks his mind and takes the insane risks when he wants something. Precious on the other hand it's the shy one, a very sweet boy, which will never hurt anybody. I know it was not possible for my boy to be so different every day. I started to pray, and God helped me to see you both."

Both Precious and Crazy asked in the same time :"Does anybody else know about this?"

"No, of course not! I can't share my joy with anybody; they will lock me in the mad house. Please be you around me. You know I can see both of you now. Who knows maybe in time, you will have your own bodies. Boys, your secret is safe with me."

Writing Prompt
The topic for this writing contest is: a deep secret. Share a story based on the topic.



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