- Button and the Carrot Thiefby Susan Louise Gabriel
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A smart little puppy!
Button and the Carrot Thief by Susan Louise Gabriel
    Easter poem for children. Contest Winner 

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Button is a little dog.
She learned to stay and sit. 
She’s not much bigger than your thumb,
Well, maybe just a bit!
Button lives at Sara’s house.
And Button is no dunce.
Do you know what she loves to eat?
It’s carrots for her lunch!
Carrots are so crunchy good
and healthy, too, so sweet!
When she gardens, Sara throws 
 her carrots as a treat.
One morning very early,
Button ran outside the door.
And there she saw a bunny 
with those carrots she adored!
He grabbed a carrot in his teeth
ran underneath the fence,
then turned around and smacked poor
Button’s nose! Pain was intense!
 Button lay awake that night
and thought about the rabbit.
The way he stole that carrot,
Button couldn’t even grab it!
Then she realized there was
a way to stop that bunny.
She thought, in fact, this trick would be 
so very, very funny!
The next day Button carried out
her plot, then lay in wait.
She watched that bunny from afar
as he looked for his mate.
Then Button saw them—She was there
in ribbons and pink lace.
The carrot thief was also there,
a dumb expression on his face.
He hopped along behind her,
with a silly, lovesick grin.
Button giggled when she thought
about the note she’d left for him.
She’d written it in her best paw,
forged for the carrot thief.

“U R so strong, come help me, pleez
it wood be a releaf!”

Button smiled as she recalled 
the sign she saw next door.
She knew that it was just the thing!
The carrot thief would be no more!
What did it say— the sign that gave
dear Button so much cheer?
It said,
“The Easter Bunny stops 
at our house every year!” 


Writing Prompt
Write an Easter poem for a child. Any length or style will do.
Easter poem for children.
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Please don't send spelling corrections - Button hasn't learned how to spell very well yet.


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