- A Philosophy to Live Byby Susan Louise Gabriel
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A Philosophy to Live By by Susan Louise Gabriel
    This Is My Life! Contest Winner 

Many people still believe
their purpose here is to receive.
With hands in pockets, they will glide
right past the hungry, with their pride
intact and also with their wallets 
firmly glued inside 
their pockets.

“It’s ok to take from life—
after all, no afterlife
Is proven to exist,”
they say as they dismiss
the possibility that this,
no doubt,
Is not what life is all about.

They might, in fact, be acting out
of selfishness and greed,
as they refuse to heed
the little voice that says to them,
“What if you were in that place,
without a piece of bread or crumb
to eat? How would you face
a life alone,
without a space
to call your own?"

If we would put ourselves into the place
where we can understand another’s
situation, then the human race
would thrive, 
not just survive.
Show kindness to each other,
treating all as if your brother.

Give with open hand
as God has planned,
and rest assured, you will receive,
more than you ever could conceive.
And best of all, someday you’ll see God smile
and tell you, “Welcome home, my child."


Writing Prompt
Write a poem, short piece of fiction, or an essay about your philosophy of life. No more than 1000 words.
This Is My Life!
Contest Winner


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