- Ice Packed Lifeby QC Poet
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Seasoned Life Cycles
Pappa's Memories and Ramblings
: Ice Packed Life by QC Poet

snow melt feeds earth's womb
coldness enveloped seeds bloom
~ winter's warming doom




Author Notes
Ice Packed Life
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina / QC Poet
Seasoned Life Cycles

Photo Credit to; FanStory Haiku Club, Late Winter Haiku photo.

Sorry, I forgot to check the due date on this entry and working on Ending my end rhyme habit - Forgiveness Please

Write a late winter haiku with 17 syllables OR LESS, in a short/long/short form. The first two lines must be connected grammatically. The third line (satori) is a juxtaposition of two images or ideas separated by a dash -- or ellipses ... Avoid capital letters, alliteration, metaphor, rhyme, and punctuation. Keep it as succinct as possible.
Due: Mar 8th. 2 days left


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