- Three Feet of Snowby Bill Schott
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Three Feet of Snow by Bill Schott
    Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

Looking out his bedroom window, late in February, Kenny could see that the three feet of snow, which had fallen in a single night, and had remained for over a month, was finally melting.

His dad used to pull him around on a sled out in the backyard, and they would build snowmen together out in the front. When this big snow came though, Kenny's dad disappeared. Kenny's mom assumed that her husband had apparently decided to leave the family.

After thirty days, his mom started dating the postal carrier, a package delivery man, a paramedic she met online, and the elementary school crossing guard.

The snow was dissipating quickly; within twenty-four hours it had lowered to only a few inches in height. Kenny's hopes had been that, as the snow lowered, he might see his father again.

Sure enough, his dad's colorful, red, wool coat was clearly visible now.

Flash Fiction
Contest Winner


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