- An Unwanted Messageby JLR
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Some messengers in dreams deliver a punch
An Unwanted Message by JLR
Life is a Dream writing prompt entry

Life is a dream ...
My deep thoughts gave way
to dreamscapes. I am at play.
When dream's sky turns gray
I see a hearse; I begin to pray.
Seeking more knowlege, nay
more certainty, I hear me say,
"Who is crossing heaven's archway?"

In the morn, I felt such dread.
My thoughts wandering! Who was dead?
Reluctant, was I, to hop out of bed.
Who could shake the fear in their head?
I grabbed the phone fearing what was ahead.
A dreadful message was what I read.

My sister left the message you see.
Mom and Dad were travelling in Tennessee.
The crash happened at quarter after three.
The rescue squad had trouble with the debris.
Now it is just Michael, Millie and me.
This dream, not a dream -- was a guarantee!
My life changed. How? I yet could not foresee.

Writing Prompt
write a poem based on the following first-line

Life is a Dream

any style, any length but must include the prompt and discuss a dream that you had that impacted your life in some way



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