- My Wife's Motherby DragonSkulls
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Ghost Story contest entry
My Wife's Mother by DragonSkulls
Ghost Story writing prompt entry

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

I was working on my computer, around two in the morning, when I heard
a sound in the stairwell outside my study door. For the last two weeks, since
my wife's mother passed away, she claims she's been seeing her in the house.
We took care of her mom for the last five months until cancer finally won.
My whole life, I've never believed in ghosts but my wife swears she's seen her
on numerous occasions, in different parts of the house. I'd never come right
out and tell her I thought she was just a nut case but it sure did run through
my head a time or two. Her judgemental, loud mouthed mother was now in
heaven with the angels...maybe.

At first, I just shrugged it off, thinking the noise on the stairs was simply the
cat romping around, high on cat-nip.

Then I heard it again. This time, the third step down from the top creaked.
The cat wasn't heavy enough to cause this. I called to see if it was my wife.
Perhaps she couldn't sleep and came upstairs to see what I was working on.
No answer. I got out of the chair and went to the hall. Just as I poked my head
into the hallway, the door to the room where her mother had been staying
clicked close. I'll admit, that had me a little freaked. I had to keep going though.
Something clearly wasn't right.

I grabbed one of my wife's elephant figurines off of the hall table as I passed in
case I had to bash some intruder's noggin in with it. I saw a slight glimmer of
light coming from in the room around the door frame. There was definitely no
light left on. Someone was in there.

I listened at the door for a few seconds and didn't hear anything. When I turned
the knob is when I heard the bathroom door quietly shut. I silently crept in. The
bathroom nightlight glowed beneath the door. I stood there, not moving, just
listening. Then I started to hear faint noises, like muffled moans. A few seconds
later, the intelligible groans grew louder. There was no more mistaking it, someone
was in the bathroom.

I raised the five pound, ceramic elephant above my head, ready to defend my home
from any evils that awaited. I grabbed the doorknob, took a deep breath and yanked
it open.

My jaw dropped in shock and disbelief. There she wife's dead mother. I
stared in horror. My mind reeled. Then in a high pitched wail, that could only be
hers, she screamed, "Close the door, idiot! Can't a ghost take a shit in peace?"


Writing Prompt
Write a Ghost Story. No limit on the word count. No poetry.


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