- Apocalypse pt. 2by estory
This work has reached the exceptional level
Technology as the beast
Apocalypse pt. 2 by estory

Is this the end?

Virtual reality live streamed on the podcasts and the tik tok
videos and the video game channels and the dating sites
and the porno sites

As the beast and the second beast that proceeds from the first beast,
living, despite their mortal wounds, bring the answers to your
fingertips, predict the weather, monitor your movements
compile your profile and analyze the statistics
explaining the mysteries of the universe until
there is nothing mysterious left about it.

It brings down fire in the sight of men. Raises the dead.
Prophesies the future. This technology.


Author Notes
I wanted to create something of a streaming effect, a mechanical, digital tone of the language to mimic the voice of a machine. I want to make people think here, of how the computer and the cell phone could very well satisfy the image of the beast described by John in Revelations; living, or appearing to live, on the screen, and then going dead at the flick of a button or a switch. How else would John have been able to describe something like technology, in his time, having no experience with it? It certainly raises the dead, on demand; look at the old movies of dead stars you can stream. It brings down fire in the sight of men; all the explosions in the action movies. It is a substitute for reality, for emotions, connecting you into this machinery designed to manipulate you for financial gain. estory


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