- A prayerby Iza Deleanu
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Tinos miracle
A prayer by Iza Deleanu
What if ....? writing prompt entry

'What if...'.Jeff wondered as he boarded the last train out of town. What if life stops and wonders and let squeeze another miracle? What if his wife carries in her womb that miracle? What if? since he got the news of the pregnancy, Jeff was running several scenarios in his head. He was over the moon: a child... his child. Who says that you can't have children when you are over forties?

Their prayers have been answered. Over the summer they spent a month in the Panagia Monastery in Tinos. Jeff and Leah listened to the Akathist of the Mother of God. They drank from the holy spring and prayed. There was an old lady in the monastery that introduced them to a wise monk. In tears they told him, that they would like to have a child and beg him to pray for them.

The monk advised them: 'If you really want to have a child, you need to walk on your hands and knees on the red carpet that starts from the port until you reach the doors of the monastery. When you get at the door cross yourselves and pray to the Mother of God for her blessing. Before you go back to your country come and see me.' We did as we were told. When we reached the door of the monastery and we entered we both felt a light and peace. After that ... you came, thought Jeff smiling. What if we go back there with you?

Writing Prompt
Write short fictional story (250 words beg/mid/end write your own title)beginning with the words: 'What if...'.Jeff wondered as he boarded the last train out of town.

Author Notes
Here is more about this monastery. I visited with my mom and dad this holly place in 2017. It helped a lot with my dad having a remission and living for two more years. If you ever go to Greece stop by and you will feel the magic.


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