- A Murder of Crowsby Gypsy Blue Rose
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Haikuish Tercet 9/6/9
A Murder of Crows by Gypsy Blue Rose
Haikuish Tercet contest entry
for rules, please check my author notes

murder of crows perched on withered branch 

break silence now and then —

drunk man mutters... you are a buzzkill

Author Notes
=Gypsy Blue Rose's new poetic form. A HAIKUISH TERCET has three lines, first and third lines have an equal amount of syllables (3/5/3, 6/9/6, 7/9/7, etc..) , with no syllables restriction but as succinct as possible, unrhymed, and unmetered. No season requirement (kigo). Any subject but usually of human and physical nature.

=A MURDER OF CROWS is the collective noun for a group of crows
=BUZZKILL a person or thing that has a depressing or dispiriting effect.

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