- Escaping the straitjacketby tfawcus
This work has reached the exceptional level
Not quite a sonnet
Escaping the straitjacket by tfawcus

Regarding the sonnet, what do I find?
I am in a bind, constrained by kind.
Elizabethan roughs made Shakespeare sing
in the vernacular. Now rap's the thing

for teens, the blast - at last - go figure.
I'm bitten by its rhythm - de rigeur.
The rhyme is frosted on by cold convention -
couplets in this case - did I mention

innovation? New generations think
in terabytes of wordfill, not of ink,
camerae obscurae, pin-brain inversions,
but I'm an old hack - forgive my aspersions.

Don't ape others, monkey around instead;
innovate on old themes, then you'll be read.


Author Notes
Inspired by a conversation in the Poetry forum.

Illustration by Brianna Gilmartin. ThoughtCo.


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