- Do we fight for freedom?by royowen
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Do we fight for freedom? by royowen

Now did we fight for freedom's cause,
or mark our time to freeze and pause.
We say that freedom's what we are.
and spin our wheels on fortune's tar.

While anarchists have gained some weight,
devouring land to anger fate.
Is freedom when our lusting strays,
and others' robes are torn and frayed?

The only freedom that I know,
is free my thought so I can grow.
How can it be it's hope we spurn,
then sit and watch our freedom burn?

We leave destruction in our wake,
for what great name -- for Heaven's sake?
I'd rather die and rescue schemes,
to free men's hearts and gain hope's dreams.

When Christ my Lord relieved my soul,
my tarnished future's been made whole.
For free I am, it matters not.
So burn away my fiscal dot.

For I own little in this life,
though rich in children, grands and wife.
And you can burn my home to ash,
but you can never steal faith's stash.

Send your army, grind men's bones,
for what I own is God's alone.
For time will judge the ferry's fare,
yes, I am rich... my cupboard's bare.

R.Owen 3/09/2020


Author Notes
Is geographical location, an accident of birth? Our race, economic circumstance, or giftedness. I think it is, being lucky as to where we are born. or anything for that matter, if it is that, then how can we be proud of any of these things, they are All accidents, unless, of course, your purpose was to give a hand-up to those less fortunate! Which I believe it was, anything else would be demeaning to others. Either all humans are equal, or they're not. Therefore It's easy to see how self righteousness came into being! How think ye?

Thanks for reading. Roy Owen.
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