- The Life of a Minuteby DragonSkulls
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The Life of a.... contest entry
The Life of a Minute by DragonSkulls
"The Life of a............" writing prompt entry

A minute's life has just begun.
It's merely one.
A speck of time
for verse in rhyme.

With every word the seconds fade,
yet worth the trade.
A glimpse behind
this poet's mind.

The time we've spent, now understood,
is gone for good,
while far too fast
this minute passed.


Writing Prompt
Create a poem of any length and style, entitled "The Life of a.......". You fill in the blank with any subject. Of course you may use "The Life of an.....", according to your needs. You may use more than one word to fill the blank. Write about an interest , or concern...

Author Notes
A minute poem is made up of 60 syllables, (hence 'minute') written
in iambic meter. In each stanza the first line has 8 syllables and the
following 3 lines have 4, with a rhyme scheme of a,a,b,b c,c,d,d e,e,f,f.

Thanks for reading.


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