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Mabel Anne by pome lover
Dialogue Only Prompt writing prompt entry


 “Carrie, I’m thinking about canceling my health

 “Are you crazy, Mabel Anne? Why in the world would you do a  
                    thing like that?”

“Because I’m going to become an illegal alien
                          and then I won’t need it.”

“I think you need to see a psychiatrist.”

 “Duh-uh. My brother-in-law’s a psychiatrist.”


“So, I could see him. Don’t need to pay one.”

"Yes, you could, but it’s not advisable.”

“Why not? He’s kinda cute.”

“Honestly, Mabel Anne, you take the cake. Number
             one, it’s not a good idea to see your sister’s
             husband for a psychological problem, and two,”

“Whaddaya mean, psychological problem?”

“Your crazy idea about becoming an illegal alien
              so you get free health care; that’s what!”

“Well, Miss-Think-You’re-So-Smart,
                      how would you get free health care, huh?”

“I wouldn’t.”

“Ha! You mean you couldn’t.”

“Mabel Anne, you remember a thing called a birth       

“A’course.  I have one.”

“That’s right. You do.”


“So-o-o, it says where you were born, which is
              in America, which makes you an American citizen,       
              which …”

“Oh, that. I could hide it, or.. or burn it, or         

 “Mabel Anne, um, are you strapped for money?
             Unable to pay this month’s premium?”

“You offerin?”

“No, I’m just asking a simple question.”

“Because if you were offerin’, I’d be glad to…”

“You know what? Your brother-in-law IS kinda cute,
              maybe you oughta give him a jingle.”

Writing Prompt
Write a story using only dialogue. No narration, descriptions, or sentence tags. Maximum word count: 1,000


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