General Poetry posted October 2, 2020

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An astrologer/writer's worldview

A Bit Of Fun With The Zodiac

by Cynthia Adams1

Abecdarian Poem Contest Winner 
Aries as the first sign eagerly sets the stage,
Battering through the Zodiac on a rampage.
Colliding now with Taurus who was napping in the grass.
Didn't stop to apologize...what a brazen ass.

Eventually, the languid bull begins his morning stroll.
Foraging for grass and hay; his favorite food I'm told.
Gemini now comes running by, never ones to sit.
Hurrying is a way of life, not a chance they'll quit.
Imagine seeing two of you when looking in the glass.
Joking: "I'm the pretty one; you're the one with class."

Keeping with the Zodiac, Cancer's next in line.
Living with a disease's name isn't too divine!
"Moonchildren" we called ourselves...our 15 minutes of fame.
Nobody past the '80's remembers that woo-woo name.

Only true believers can list twelve signs and dates,
Placing them in order with their corresponding traits.
Questioning looks--we get them, even playful jibes,
Requiring frequent sageing to straighten out the vibes.

Some think Leo the vainest sign and nurse Virgo the least.
The jury's out but I can say: "He's a charismatic beast."
Under Libra's fair visage you'll find a legal mind.
"Virility" slips from wetted lips when Scorpio walks by.

World-traveling sportsman is the Sagittarius way.
X-rays, invented by Capricorn, beats all that, I'd say.
You know about Aquarius...Fifth Dimension told you so.
Zodiac's psychic, Pisces, says: "It's time for you to go."

Writing Prompt
Write an abecdarian poem, using the 26 letters of the alphabet chronologically. An abecedarian poem is a special form of an acrostic poem, in which the initial letters of the words beginning each line or stanza spell out the alphabet in order.

Abecdarian Poem
Contest Winner

I've been an astrologer as long as I've been a writer...many, many years.
Copyright: Cynthia A. Adams 10/2/20
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