Spiritual Poetry posted September 15, 2020

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Denise you be in total Peace

Death from Despair

by JLR

Souls that are burdened with so many cracks
that their cracks start showing
more cracks than a person
can mend...makes my heart ache.

Souls in such despair who are drinking
themselves to death, or shooting
or hanging themselves, or poisoning
themselves with drugs... makes my heart ache.

But when a friend, who has been
beside me for any period on one's life journey
hits a patch of such deep despair
and I find I was not alongside her at the end
time of her earthly journey...
my heart quakes with
a devasting blow that consumes
my very breath.

So, my friends gathered here
in this breath, at this moment
I am asking the Divine and all-encompassing souls,
in that thin place that Denise
has now arrived,
to welcome this child of God,
whose journey in this life was not always level,
certainly not easy, not perfect in many ways...
to receive all the gifts of Love and Grace
she so richly and deservingly earned.

Surround her with loads of laughter --
but...just know,
Denise will likely sit in stillness
for a while, until her soul and
her mind sees witness of your open heart,
open arms.

Then and only then will Denise, likely,
tip her toe in your pool of vast love and
test your metal.

Divine Beings, I have one more ask, if I can be so bold..
On occasion, some, like Denise,
come to you while in a dark place
in the human journey
filled with despair.

So, please, give each one an
extra measure of hugs and cheers
and high five's for making across
the finish line.

I know that you enlightened,
radiant beings of Light and Goodness
will see when the binds of
trust have been woven tight...

I know, Denise will smile with a broad sparkle
in her eyes and say, "What a delightful place
then ask where do we Yoga?"

Then all will know Denise is at home
and loved by all. 

Sad Poems writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Sadness has overcome us all at one time or another. Either caused by a relative or close friend's death or from the girl or guy that broke our heart or just life in general. We all handle situations differently, some good, some bad. This contest gives us the ability to explore this. Your poem can also play into other emotions that are common to writing like this such as anger or depression.


In honor of Denise who left life too soon, but on her own terms because enough was just enough. May she rest in Peace!

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Artwork by Dick Lee Shia at FanArtReview.com

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