Children Fiction posted August 25, 2020

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A boys troubles

I'm a Big Boy now

by Iza Deleanu

Lights, lights, and who is the fat guy with a white bearded face? Mommy, Mommy, Santa is here! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Does he know that I was a bad boy? I have lied in my letter. I said that I was half good...and I never admitted that I was bad. Can he see me in his magic crystal ball? I hope he will see only my good side... My dad said that every child has a good and a bad side. What does this mean?

Does this mean that I will not go to heaven? Mommy made me promise to be good. So, yeah, I am good! Yucks! I hate that broccoli and carrots, but I can't feed them to the dog anymore, 'cause God sees me, and I want to be his Little Angel.

I am supposed to love my little sister. Everybody says she is cute. I don't know what's cute about it! She is all wriggles and is full of... oh no, I can't say that word, it's a bad word. Mom runs to feed and change her every time she screams. If I scream, Mom says I'm a Big Boy and I should stop making a scene. I wonder what a scene is. I asked her, and she said she will explain it to me another time. Of course, the Princess started to scream again, and Mom had to run to see what's the fuss about! She left me here alone, close to the stove. Should I try to see if it's hot? No, I better not. Mom will say that I am a bad boy and she will take me to see that man in white! I don't want....jections, so I better behave.

I don't understand. I was here first, and now nobody seems to want me anymore. I must fetch my own food and water, and even dress. I am only three years old, but Mom says I am a Big Boy now. I think she needs glasses; I am the smallest kid in my group at daycare. My teacher says I am too small for my age. I am confused. When are you too small, and when are you too big? My Mom says I am too big, and she can't carry me in her arms anymore. My granny feeds me all the time lots of food because I am too small and skinny, and the wind is going to blow me away.

I wish everything would go back to normal. Me being little again and having my Mommy all to myself. I don't wanna be Big, it's no fun! I can't even cry anymore. If I do, they laugh and call me a B A B Y! Why nobody makes fun of my sister, she cries all the times, nobody laughs at the baby. They run and see what's she upset about. Sometimes I want to push her out of the cradle, just to give her a reason to cry. But then I stop myself because they will say that I am a bad BOY and such a cry B A B Y.

Why is Mommy screaming? See Mommy I am a BIG BOY, exactly as you wanted me to be. I washed my clothes by myself... oh, with myself in them. I guess I am drowning but it's okay Mommy, I am a BIG BOY and I will swim out of it... when I will grow up. Who are these people in the house? Too many! I am okay, Mommy. You saved me! My Mommy, my hero. No! Don't take her away! It was my fault; I wanted to surprise her and wash my clothes. Wait, it's not her fault. You scare me! You are telling me that is okay to cry because I am a small boy. The man in the blue uniform is very angry. He took Mommy away. Why? The SS is here, my granny says it's called Social Services. Until the blue man proves she was innocent I am to stay away from Mommy.

My granny will take care of me now. My Mommy can't do it anymore. It's this a dream? Am I a Big Boy now!

From a childs point of view contest entry


This story is a about a boy who talks to himself and imagine things.
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