Children Fiction posted August 16, 2020

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(667 words) Planning my stupendous adventure

The Runaway

by LisaMay

I’m getting a bit cramped in this tree. I couldn’t climb right up to the tippy top, because my arms couldn’t reach the higher up branches, but the view from my perch is still Stupendous! (I heard Daddy say that word, so I know it is a grown-up word.) I will pretend I am a monkey or maybe a squirrel, no, wait, I will be a koala bear like in the picture book I saw at the library. But maybe I will be a bird. Yes, I am a little bird in a nest with a nice Mommy and Daddy.

I can see the roof of our house down the street and if I wriggle around and look the other way through the leaves I can see the railway line. That’s where I’ll go tomorrow with Bailey. I’ll sneak on the train and we’ll hide under a seat and go far, far away and then Mommy and Daddy will be sorry they were mean to me.

I’ve got some dog biscuits to eat for my dinner. I’ll come down from this tree in the night and sleep with Bailey in his kennel in the backyard. I’ll sneak into the house and get my Dora the Explorer backpack and fill it with my treasures – my pajamas with the fuzzy unicorn, my favourite picture book from Nanna, my catcher’s mitt, my dead goldfish in a matchbox, my purple socks, my lucky pebble that Jason gave me, and lots of dog biscuits. 

Mommy and Daddy won’t know I’m in the kennel tonight because they probably don’t even know I’ve run away. They don’t care about me. Bailey does. He’s my bestest friend ever!! He kisses me with slobber just like Jason. 

Mommy wouldn’t let me wear my new dress yesterday when my friend Diane and Jason came to visit (he’s her big brother). Mommy said we always play rough games and I’d get it dirty. I’m going to marry Jason so I wanted to look pretty for him but Mommy said NO and now I will probably have to marry someone ugly not like Jason who is Stupendous! She’s even hidden her make-up box after the last time Jason came to visit and I put her lipstick on. Jason said I looked like a clown and he pinched me but he was still smiling at me.

Daddy is in my bad books too because he got cross at me this afternoon for using his house paint to make a mural on the front wall. It’s not my fault the tin tipped over and the sidewalk is all splodgy white. He wouldn’t let me finish my mural to see how Stupendous it was going to be. When I’m a famous artist I won’t let Daddy come to my exhibitions.

It’s not fair! How come Mommy can wear lipstick and Daddy can paint the house but I’m not allowed?? I’ve run away and I’m going to find a better Mommy and Daddy.

I hear a train go past. My dog and I will be on one tomorrow! It’s getting a bit cold now, and it’s very uncomfortable in this tree. The bark is prickly and there are ants. Oooh! They are running along the branch towards me!

I can hear Bailey barking. He must be missing me. The sound is getting closer. I look down through the leaves and there he is grinning up at me, and so are Mommy and Daddy! He is wagging his tail. (Bailey is, not Daddy, silly.) They are saying nice things to me and Daddy is holding his arms up for me. I want to stay cross at them, but when Mommy calls up to me that she’s cooked my favourite macaroni and cheese for dinner, and Daddy says he hosed the path and we can finish the mural tomorrow and it will look Stupendous… well…

I think I’ll go home with them. Bailey probably wouldn’t have fitted under the train seat with me anyway.  

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