Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted August 1, 2020

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A comamentary on our country

State of unrest.

by John bailey

Our country has become,
an unaswerd nine one nine call.
our politicions can not be found.
law and order can not be found.
If we have lost our moral,
compass of right and wrong,
we are lost as a nation.
We have given in to civil,
unrest and anarchy.
T he police can't do there job,
without conflick.
We cannot give up,
and allow our country.
to be destroyed.
The world is watching,
waiting for us to fall.
If we don't do something,
and do it quick,
other countrys will pull there credit.
Do we want marshal law,
do we want a dictator.
We the people had better ,
get our head screwed on straight.
This is my country,
and I am afraid of what,
could happen,
our govermentleaders,
had better wake up.
Take back our country,
Stop this unrest.
Give me peace,
give me liberty,
or give me dealh.
If we stand for nothing,
we fall for anything.
Prepare yourself,
we are running out of time.
The crash we are looking at,
will make the great depression,
look like a sweet dream.
We sought the enemy,
and we found him ,
it was us.
We have become a nanny state,
soon we will not reconize,
our self.
If the past is detroyed,
so are we.
I see the future coming,
at me like a speeding bullet.
We have regain our country,
get back to us.
The politions are still,
playing the power game.
Intead of making laws,
they could care less,
as long as they can stay in power.
They will not come together,
for the good of the peopele,
they arte only interested ,
in who gets the last word.
They need to get it right,
and do there job.
I would love to,
throw them all,
out of office ,
and start allover.
The nanny state,
lets crawl under,
our desk and hide.

Just my opinon,good or bad.
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