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At mountain peak, in search of peace

A chapter in the book Renga Multi-Author Book


by Elizabeth Emerald

Soft! In sunset's silence sound 
whispers of consolation


Thanks to MoonWillow for artwork: Blue Mountain Sunset

In my original version, the first line read: In the silence you may hear

Rama Devi suggested that I not squander a precious syllable on THE (what was I thinking!) and suggested DEEP, I polled the reviewers; Judiverse offered NIGHT. Though tempted, for such a short poem, I felt I should use my own words. I reworked the line in keeping with the assonance in "S" and mined my cobwebbed mind for remnants of requisite high school Shakespeare; one archaic sense of SOFT! means HUSH! or SSSSH!

Renga is a Japanese collaborative poetry form in which poets write alternating verses of 5-7-5 stanzas and 7-7 couplets which are linked in succession by multiple poets. Only the first chapter haiku needs a kigo (season word).

First, click on the ADD CHAPTER icon, located above the review box.

Second, if the last poem is a 5/7/5 haiku, write a 7/7 couplet, if the last poem is a 7/7 couplet write a 5/7/5 haiku. Write about the same theme of the previous stanza but don't repeat words.

Third, post your poem as usual but it will be part of the book. you can edit it and add a picture if you like. A copy will go to your portfolio and you keep your reviews.

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Artwork by MoonWillow at FanArtReview.com

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