Humor Poetry posted June 8, 2020

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Strange Times

by CD Richards

Before the chemtrails fry your brain and you can think no more,
I'll offer you some sage advice, and let you know the truth.
The world is full of wicked men, and host to lies galore;
ignore the academics, they are fools and most uncouth.

Avoid all 5G towers, lest you're caught in your death-throes,
the victim of a lab-concocted, deadly little germ,
delivered through your cellphone by unseen satanic foes.
Now if you don't believe me, just have Infowars confirm

that Deep State's sending minions out to work their fiendish plot.
Illuminati call the shots, while FEMA build death camps.
The New World Order's set its sights on all that we have got,
those commies want to leave us nought, surviving on food stamps.

The Gates Foundation seeks to vaccinate us all today,
injecting poisons they will use to help control our minds.
Virologists in their employ spout what they're paid to say;
the media repeat the lies, as Bill's foul plot unwinds.

This global warming nonsense draws the lunatics together,
there's frost right now upon my lawn, by God, it's three below!
To keep us out of Washington, Obama alters weather.
His wife's a man. I know for sure, 'cuz Alex told me so.

So, friends, beware-- Luciferans will tell you Earth's not flat,
they'll have you thinking we have landed men upon the moon.
It's all a leftist plot, and I've got solid proof of that,
these photos of a starless sky will make them change their tune.

The RFID chip that lies 'neath unsuspecting skin
enables them to track us all, no matter where we go;
including labs in Wuhan, where they work to do us in--
the blood-soaked, filthy markets have been put there just for show.

So gird your loins my brothers, and my faithful sisters, too--
the devil and his hordes have got you firmly in their sights.
They came for Trump and next you know, they're coming after you,
so grab your gun and Bible too, and be prepared to fight!

We're facing Armageddon, it's a war we've got to win;
the stakes have never been so high, or consequences plain.
Embrace the truth I've outlined here, and turn your face from sin--
for unlike me, it's clear that this old world has gone insane.


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