Biographical Poetry posted June 1, 2020

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Haters love stirring the pot to take focus off themselves ..

Bitches watch out!

by Melodie Michelle

Warning: LENGTHY POEM - Dedicated to people that are hated on - just keep your head held high and know that you wouldn't be hated on if you didn't have something the haters wanted ... The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
Why are you
attacking us
turning the
story around...
because you
have no
damn right ...
We were all
and we thought
at one point
that you guys
had our backs ...

but you just
wanted to run
your mouth
and take what's
not yours,
When you have
no fucking clue ...
How to be
a ride
or die friend
at all
just admit ...

You're always
asking for
and you guys
bum from everyone
around here
left and right
all the time ...
You never
have anything
that's truly yours
and if you guys
weren't acting
so shady
with us,
You would
have more
than enough
people on
your side ...

It's really
mostly her
and not him,
because she's
the instigator
that makes him
do her bidding ...
Asking for
every day,
gets old -
We know
that she
puts him
up to it ...
She's a piece
of work
and shady
as they come -
There's no doubt
that she runs
he does ...

now you two
are in it alone,
Stealing is not
tolerated here ...
Stop denying it
because we know
what you did
There are
three witnesses
who saw
everything ...
Your guy may
or may not
have seen
the boots -
but clearly he's
afraid of you
you will hit him -
with words
and fist
to make him
do exactly as
you order
him to do,
This I know
I've witnessed ...

When I tell you
that you're
messin' with the
wrong folks here ...
That's an
understatement -
you'd better
heed my words ...
Because this
isn't the place
to start
or steal
memories ...
If you don't
know this
I promise
you're gonna know
because we will
fill your ears ...

Women like you
give real women
a bad name ...
Karma will fuck
your world,
make you cry
and call you out ...
You have never
seen the likes
of her,
because she
will cause
your head
to spin
and just know
you won't ever
see anyone
that will come
down on your ass
and make you
rethink your
shady, greedy deeds ...

He's just as
guilty as you
are for real ...
it's a shame
but you're only
dragging him
down with your
hateful, snarly
actions that
are truly evil ...

I guess you
guys think
your cute
with your
ugly nasty ways ...
We all shake
our head
and LOL
(laugh out loud)
because haters
like that
are just jealous ...
Wanting to
be anyone else
rather than
themselves ...
(shaking my mf head)

You think
you're slick
and that
no one knows
but you're
so wrong
little girl ...
it's just a
matter of time
before karma
starts to knock
on your door
and camp
at your feet ...

Bullshit best
not flow
outta your
mouths -
not even one
time more ...
It's not a threat
it's a fucking
promise ...
Nobody's afraid
of you "Missy" ...
We have survived
bigger and badder
than you could
possibly ever
imagine ...
with y'all's life
being completely insignificant
to ours ...

You don't
want the hatred
inside of me
and the people
around here,
to be unleashed
and aimed directly
at you and yours...
bet that ...
This is not
the time
for drama
or fake ass hoes ...
No, because
do or die ...
There's one thing
for damn sure
We are gonna
make sure
that we live
in peace ...

It's time to pray
for your
well being
and your
wretched life
baby girl
as it were ...
Don't play dumb
it doesn't
suit you at all -
You started
this, deciding
it was best
to challenge
me, while taking
something that
was not yours ...
That was in fact
your stupidity
amplified ...

Watch over
your shoulder ...
us if you must ...
Better not
let your
guard drop ...
You're being given
all the clues ...
to stay away
from here
and our things
and our lives ...
don't think
we won't exercise
our God
given rights ...
So pray hard
you both really
should now
more than before ...
because we're
old school hood
you already know,
hold on for your
dear lives
it's gonna be
a mf trip ...

Haters like you
make us
inside and unlike
you baby girl ...
I know your
self esteem
issues are pretty
bad, so you better
hold your ears
so my words
don't make you cry
outright like I
know they can ...

Around town
your character
has always been
seen as shady,
and wrong ...
IDC if you like it
because ...
bitches when
Karma comes
for you both ...
She's gonna
take away
your pride
and what little
sanity you've got ...

No threats
it's just true ...
Your true colors
were finally
exposed ...
Nasty females
like you
are a dime
a dozen
bet that ...
Now karma's
here and
it's your time
to cry, beg
and pout ...
Let your
guy go
hasn't he
had enough?

We are
damn sure
not afraid ...
even those
of us that
are up in age ...
to fight
and show you ...
that you
don't want
to fuck with
this crowd here,
during the heat
of our rage
and we
mean that ...

Just give
the boots
back to whom
they belong ...
Be a real woman
for once in
your life, if not
you'd better
just watch out
for our wrath ...
You're sinking
with each word
you speak,
as you sink
and deeper
than deep
into the
quicksand ...

we're just
damn crazy
enough to
fuck you up ...
So watch
and see ...
How we plan
to bring down
your world
of lies
and deceit
We're old school
so you will
never see ...
anything that
would cause
us to show fear ...

Bye bitches
because ...
your fakeness
along with
your stupid
and ignorant
ways ...
What did
you expect us
to do once
we saw
you take
those boots
away from
their grave -
their only home
for the past
eight years ...
The owners
mother's boots
that had quite
the sentiment
for her ...

You are trite,
stupid and
just plain mean,
taking property
that isn't yours
and for your
nasty party habit
at that!
I'm sure
else knows ...
because it
take a genius
to see that
your an addict
and for sure
you're hooked ...
You pull dope fiend
moves, your emotions
are sensitive
and you anger
more quickly
than usual ...
You're pissed
you are out
of drugs,
It's obvious
to anyone
around here ...

Bitches like you
two mean
nothing to us ...
and that's
because ...
You purposely
hurt someone
who didn't
that at all ...
You ain't right
for that and we
won't rest
until you're
no longer free ...

Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry



This poem was written after some so called friends, who lived in the area we did, stole something very sentimental to one of our friends. A pair of boots that belonged to my friend's mother.
This couple denied it but the woman was the last to be seen hauling off the boots and actually showed them to someone else later that next day. They sold them, we know it's true.
A female was coming out of their home. Later on, once all was said and done, we found that this female had nothing to do with the boots missing but she did find those boots in her trunk days later.
She let this couple store a few things in her trunk until they could do better and when she went to get something out of her trunk, a few days later, she saw the boots that were the boots in question. She immediately called a friend of ours and they went about making sure the boots were brought back and given to their rightful owner.

The couple, both the man and the woman, still deny that they did anything wrong, but we know better;-)
Three people that didn't know each other, saw her with the boots later on. Some, later on that evening or a few days later when they finally were brought home!

Karma is a bitch they'd better watch out! You get out of Life, EXACTLY what you put into it - be it GOOD or BAD;-)
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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