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Cat Eyes

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Those of you that have the distinct pleasure of being a pet to a cat, will appreciate the story I am dying to tell you. I have been a pet to numerous felines in my years, and I am here to tell you they are professional hypnotists.

As you know, humans are slaves to cats. This has been going on for centuries and we allow it to happen. Why? Because of the power cats have over us. It's the eyes.

Those haunting eyes, that can tell how they are feeling and what they are thinking, can delve into our very soul. I have a prime example. Let me introduce you to Smokie.

Smokie is a grey Satin who rules my life with the blink of his eyes. I am not sure how old he is, but I figure around eight years old. He was abandoned and left to die in an apartment by his loving owner who took her chihuahua but left her cat. He lived two weeks on what food was left and water from the toilet. Then, this gentle, loving cat picked me to own.

Smokie has inherited the power handed down from the Egyptian cat gods. He can look at me with those hypnotic eyes and I bend to his wishes. When his eyes are open, I know he is satisfied with the way I am handling his affairs and life is good. If his eyes are wide, wide open, then lightning and thunder has hit somewhere in his world and I had better be available to sooth the terrors away. This usually means sitting on the couch with him curled around my legs, 'protecting' me.

When his eyes have that lazy, laid back look it usually means one of two things. Either it is time for his royal meal, served at room temperature, on his climbing platform, in his special dish, or it is nap time and his total body massage is requested. The flick of his tail usually helps distinguish between the two. It helps to be able to read the body language to match the eyes.

The hardest job is when his eyes become slits. If the ends curve up, you are safe. It just means you have walked into his domain, a stranger, unannounced, and he is checking you out to see if you will respond to his 'I might attack you' mode. Again, this is where you have to check the tail. If it is touching the floor, he is just trying to scare you. But if it is swishing, like a whip, he means business and you better retrace your steps and close the door behind you - begging forgiveness from his highness as you go.

Never try to stare down a cat. They don't blink, they don't move, they become statues as their eyes bore holes through yours to your brain. What you don't realize is - this is the time you are most vulnerable. They put hypnotic suggestions into your mind. When they look away, it is not because you won. Oh, no, dear friend. It is because they are done implanting messages into your brain.

Why does a cat always seem satisfied and snobbish? Because he's in control ... and we don't even realize what is happening.

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