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Carli finds a dress for the dance.

A chapter in the book Tutors

Carli's Dress

by Puzzle

This is a novel about four girls who start a tutoring business because of an assignment given to them by their teacher.
Today was the big day, our first official day in business.

Allie called me at ten in the morning to tell me all about her session with Joy. Apparently, Joy has a VERY loud bird that would NOT stop squawking the entire time. Also, Joy's mom decided to do the dishes while Allie was trying to have Joy read to her. Between the clanking of the dishes and the annoying bird sounds, it was a rough hour.

Briana called me at twelve to tell me all about her session with Damien. Which wasn't really a tutoring session, but more of a real estate showing. Damien was so excited to see someone he recognized from school on Google Meets, he couldn't stop talking. He took Briana on a complete tour of his house, and showed her all of his toys and siblings and pets. She said she spent the entire hour trying to redirect him to his work, but he just ignored her.

It was finally my turn, I was excited and nervous. I knew Samantha was a really good kid. I didn't think I would have too much trouble with this meet. She was in second grade and I knew her from the park art class. So, it was kind of like helping a friend with math.

I turned on my computer and began to log into my email. Then I went to create the meeting code.

"A meeting code cannot be created at this time."

"What?" I said, out loud. I tried again.

"A meeting code cannot be created at this time."

"OMG what is going on here?" I screamed. My Dad heard me and came into my room.

"What's wrong?" He said watching me moan on my bed.

"I have my first meeting with Sam and I can't create a code!" I was really starting to panic. I wanted everything to go perfect. I wanted to prove that our business could actually work and be successful, but so far it was failing miserably. The whole day was becoming a huge bust!

I was watching my dad trying to get a code generated and Frankie walked into my room.

"Let me see that." He said and took the laptop off of my bed.

"Frankie stop, you are going to break it!" I yelled at him.

"Here you go." He handed me back the computer. The code was generated and my screen was set up.

"Oh thanks, how'd you do that?" I asked, feeling bad kinda that I yelled.

"We learned how to troubleshoot Google programs in our computer class last year." He said, and walked out of my room.

I screamed thank you to him, but I'm not sure if he heard me.

"That was really nice of your brother, Carli. I didn't know he was a computer whiz. You better log on, you have three minutes." And he walked out of my room and shut my door,

I sat quiet for a minute. I didn't know he was a computer whiz either.

Samantha joined the session and we began to work


I was not having a good time.

"Carli, look at this one! It is so pretty, it will look so cute with your short hair!" My mom was holding up this ridiculous looking dress. It was pink and huge. Mostly pink, just pink, everywhere. We are in Macy's looking for a dress for the dance. I still didn't have anything to wear and my mom was panicking. I tried putting it off for as long as I could, but her anxiety was more powerful than my excuses for not going shopping.

"Ugh! No way, mom, it's PINK, you know I hate pink." I turned around and started looking through the dresses on the rack. They were all hideous. It was May, so everything was pink and yellow. Plus everything was so frilly, ruffles everywhere. Then, I saw something that would be kinda cool. It was a navy blue and yellow striped one piece pant suit. It was off the shoulders too, which I liked. I pulled it off the rack and put it in my mom's face.

"Eh, I don't know about that? Do you think it's dressy enough? Tori and Allie's moms said they got really fancy dresses, I don't want you to look underdressed. How about this?" She pulled a black A-line dress off the rack. It was all black cotton with tiny broken red hearts on it.

"No, it's a dress, I don't want a dress." I hated to admit it, but it wasn't that bad. There weren't any ruffles on it, and it was black.

"Carli, you are nuts, this is super cute. You can wear black tights and OMG! You can get black combat boots. You will look just like Winona Ryder, when she was in Reality Bites! " She was starting to look like Briana with those eyes popping out of her head.

"What? Who's Winona Rider? I don't know who that is. Can I just get this?" I held the pant suit up in front of me. "See, I look adorbs" I made an exaggerated adorable face.

"If you ask me, they're both ugly." Frankie was sitting on one of those blocks in the store and playing a game on his phone.

"No one asked you, Frankie!" I shouted. I hated shopping for dresses as it was. I didn't need him making things worse.

"Why don't we just try them both on and see which one looks better." My mom grabbed both outfits and headed towards the dressing room.

"Yay, so excited for the worst ever fashion show, starring you." Frankie said, as he looked up from his phone and began walking.

"Shut up Frankie." I said and I went into the room. My mom must have grabbed four other dresses when I wasn't paying attention. "Mom, I'm not trying all of these on!"

"Yes, you are. Oh, I love this song! Cause Friday I'm in Love." She started singing. "This is The Cure, they are from the eighties! You would like them Carli, they are super weird and British."

I began putting the dresses on and showing my mom...and Frankie, because he was there by default. He wanted to come to get a soft pretzel from Auntie Ann's Pretzels.

"Carli, I'm starving, what is taking you so long!" Frankie started whining.

"It's not my fault, mom gave me twenty disgusting dresses to put on." I walked out of the stall with a purple, shiney piece of trash. I said, "Hate it." Then, I walked back in. I found the pant suit I wanted to try on and put it on. I knew I was going to love it...well, if it fit. And, it didn't. It was all weird and baggy, I hated it. I opened up the stall door and showed my mom.

"Yeah, I don't like it. It doesn't fit right." She said immediately. "You haven't tried on the broken heart dress yet!" I could see her getting that weird twitch she gets when she's excited about something.

"Fine, I'll try it on." I said reluctantly.

"Wait, let me go get something really quick! I'll be right back!" She quickly left the dressing room.

"Carli, just tell mom you love this dress. I want to get out of here, I want my pretzel!" He was whining like a total baby.

I looked at him in a completely ignorant way and said, "I'm not going to just say I like something because your stomach is the boss of you!"

My mom walked in at that moment with these giant black combat boots. They had red laces that matched the hearts on the dress she liked.

She handed me the shoes. "Here, put these on with the dress. I think you will like the dress better with them."

I took the shoes and went into the dressing room. I put on the dress. It actually looked ok, I liked it. When I spun in a circle it really twirled. That was fun. Then, I took the shoes out of the box. They were kinda big and clunky, but I liked them. It took awhile for me to put both shoes on.

Then I heard Frankie shout, "OMG Carli, what the heck are you doing in there? Making the dress?"

"Frankie, I am putting the shoes on, you will get your stupid pretzel soon enough." I took my left foot and kicked the stall door. But, I didn't realize two things. One, the door didn't lock properly and two, Frankies face was right by the door.

"Ahhhhhh, my nose." Frankie was screaming and blood was gushing everywhere.

"Omg, Carli, what is wrong with you? Why would you kick the door like that?" My mom was rushing around looking for something to plug his nose up with.

A couple of the workers came in with paper towels and helped my mom with Frankies nose. I was really scared. I honestly was just taking out some frustration by kicking the door. I had no idea it was going to hit him in the face. This was really bad.


"Alright class, I know a few of the groups had their first days of business this past weekend. I was hoping we could discuss your experiences, good and bad. Don't worry if it was bad, most real businesses take time to work out the kinks."

I looked around to see if anyone was going to go first. I always do that, I always check to see who raises their hand first. Then, I decide if I want to go next. I wasn't really sure if I felt comfortable letting everyone know all of the kinks we had this weekend. I looked at Allie, Tori and Bri. They just sat quietly too. I'm sure they were feeling the same way I was.

Angelina raised her hand and Mr. B called on her. "Yeah, our first day was great. We went shopping, at like 5 thrift stores. We found so many things. I found this bag for fifteen dollars, brand new, with tags. It is a two hundred and fifty dollar bag. I made a listing for it, so hopefully it sells soon!"

Mr. B looked at Angelina. "Great job guys! I don't want you thinking the most important aspect of this assignment is to make money. What I want you to focus on is the organization and working together as a group. In life, most of the things you do will be collaborative, which means you will be working with other people. I want you guys to make sure that everyone in your group is contributing to the project."

A couple other groups shared their first days with the class. Most of the businesses had kinks, just like ours, but we all silently agreed we were going to wait to admit ours. After class Mr. B pulled us aside to ask about our project. We told him all about our kinks and he made some suggestions to help fix them.

I noticed Mr. B was wearing another band shirt. This one was light blue, there was lyrics written down the center of the shirt and a silhouette of a guy with a guitar. "Mr. B why have you been wearing band shirts?"

He smiled and looked at the floor, "I am actually in a band, we are a cover band, which means we play popular songs by other bands. We mostly play rock songs from the eighties and nineties. This shirt I have on is a band called, "The cure."

"Omg, I know that band. They have a song about being in love on a Friday." I said excitedly.

"Yep, that's them!" He looked towards the door and smiled.

Miss Hailey was standing at the door and looked a little uncomfortable. We all looked at each other.

"Um, Mr. B, are you ready for the meeting about that thing?" Miss Hailey had her coat in her hands.

"Oh yes, yes! I'll meet you in the lounge in a few minutes. Ok girls, I have to go. I am glad you are doing well. Have a fantastic Friday, and a great weekend!  I want a full update on monday!" He grabbed his coat, waved and left the room.

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