Children Script posted April 12, 2020

This work has reached the exceptional level
For children: A One Act Script in rhyming verse.

We Have Not Got A Pet, Yet

by LisaMay

Cast of Characters:
TERRY -- A 9-year-old boy
VANESSA -- Terry’s 11-year-old sister
JACK -- An elf, small enough to be held in a child’s hand.
A MYSTERY ANIMAL -- I'm not telling; you'll find out later.

Vanessa’s bedroom. 
There’s a bed with a Teddy Bear and other stuffed animal toys crowded on it, and a bookcase against the wall.
The children are entertaining themselves indoors because of the lockdown situation.

Fade in as Terry walks in to Vanessa’s room.
She is sitting on her bed.

What will we do today?
I wish we could play on this sunny day 
with a live dog, a leaping green frog, or even a hog.
I’ve heard that pigs are clever,
but Mum of course’d say NEVER!

Then climb up here on my bed --
there’s room beside my Ted.
When we heard Dad say:
“there’s a pet on the way”, 
we know he just bluffed,
cuz these ‘pets’ are all stuffed.
So, shall we go and play ping-pong,
or make up a silly song?

Let’s play with words that rhyme.
You beat me all the time
when we play with a ball --
I’m no good at all.

We can have fun, you’ll see,
if you imagine this scene with me:

(VANESSA stands up and giggles while reciting.)

“Wouldn’t it be funny, to see the Easter bunny 
sitting on our dunny, nibbling cake with honey?”

Oh, Ness, bless!
I bet it would make a mess. 
That would be a sight to see, I agree,
but we’ll NEVER see that, not ever.

(TERRY pauses for a while to think.)

“Nor a cat in a hat with a big cricket bat,
or an itty-bitty kitty singing a ditty…” 
because, don’t forget, we have not got a pet.

(VANESSA sits back down beside TERRY.)

What pet would you like to get?
Upon what is your little heart set?

I’d be happy to play outside on the loose
with a moose or a goose.
I’d like a horse of course,
or perhaps a dove to love; 
even a mouse in the house
would bring joy to this boy.

(TERRY hangs his head and looks dejected. 
VANESSA puts her arm around him.)

There’s no need to look so tragic.
Hey, I’ve got a book of magic! 
Auntie LisaMay sent it last birthday.

(VANESSA jumps up and pulls a book off the bookcase.)

Do you know magic well? You could cast an animal spell.

Oh, look!
Behind the book there is an elf,
hiding on the shelf.
He’s at the back,
peeking through a crack!

(VANESSA hauls the elf out and is holding him upside down by one leg. TERRY leaps off the bed to go and help the elf, who is now yelling loudly.)

Do be gentle -- he’s going mental!
He thinks you’re a giant; on us he’s reliant
for a caring hand, poor little man.
Carefully, Ness, you’re causing him stress.

(TERRY holds out his hand and VANESSA puts the elf on it.)

Alas and alack! My name is Jack,
and I’ve lost my Easter sack.
It was filled with treats of sweets,
and toys for this town’s girls and boys.
You mightn’t think that they’d all fit,
when I’m so small I do admit,
but I know magic really well,
and when I make my magic spell
you won’t believe your eyes
at my sorcery surprise.
But first you must apologise.

I’m sorry I grabbed you
when I suddenly nabbed you.
I was really delighted and got over-excited!
I meant to you no harm; so sorry for your alarm.
If we treat you right and look after you well,
once over this fright, might you grant us a spell?

What is your wish? What do you want from me? 
What can I accomplish to fill your hearts with glee?

Oh please, Oh please,
I’d like a pet, please. 
It could be small or tall,
or just come up to my knees.

Because you are a very kind boy,
I hope this pet you will enjoy.

(JACK chants a few strange words while waving his hands around. There is a puff of purple smoke and the new pet is revealed.)

Golly gracious -- how audacious!
We’ve got a giraffe for a laugh! 
Let’s take a photograph!
I bet Dad will regret that we got our own pet. 

(The GIRAFFE jumps on the bed amongst the stuffed toys.)

Wow, sweet! What a clever feat,
and look at all these treats to eat! 
This pet elf sure rocks!
There’s also a very big box of Easter chocs!

Fade out.



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