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A modern day fairy tale

The Prince and the Elves

by KatyM

There once was a Prince, named Eric that lived with some female elves, their names were Willow, Lulu, Sparkles, Pumpkin, Callie, Roxie, and Misty.
Prince Eric, did all of the choppings of wood and the chores that a male figure should do. He loved living with the female elves and enjoyed the conversations that he had with them.

Then one day he went into the woods and met the wicked witch. She put a spell on him and made him fall into a deep sleep. The elves started searching for him when he didn't come home the first night. They built him an enclosed bed so he would be safe from the elements.

The witch left a note at their house, of course, she was practicing social distancing, that said you need to find a princess that will kiss the prince and wake him up. Otherwise, he will stay asleep.

The elves looked far and wide and couldn't find a princess throughout their land. They went to another country and finally found a princess that was willing to go with them to their little village and kiss the prince. It took over two years before they were able to find this particular princess.

"What happens if I can't get him to wake up? Do I keep kissing him?"
The older elf, Willow said, "No, one kiss should do it."
So when they finally went into the woods and saw the prince sleeping on the bed that was covered with glass, the princess opened the window by the prince's head and bent down and kissed him on the lips.
The prince's eyes sprang open.

The elves all rejoiced and opened the case he was in so he could get out. After he got out they all went to the elve's house and had a big party.

Prompt: Change a fairy tale to modern-day.
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