General Poetry posted March 30, 2020

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The Hunker Games

by LisaMay

It’s been too little, too late, 
the wolf’s at the gate.
Now we deal with scare cities
as we play these hunker games
and count up what remains.

May I remind you to stay kind --
watch your pees and queues,
don’t fight over paper we use in loos.
Share what we’ve got, don’t take the lot.

The stuff of nightmares is in city squares,
in town halls, and within our walls.
I see winter’s chill through my empty stairs, 
and though I’m not ill, I look out with distress.
I’m coped up at home, all alone,
as we ride out this virulent mess.
The horsemen are on the go,
not stopping when we call: “Woe!”

Our world’s been unravelled 
by those who have travelled --
they gave us the ships and flu
to give us the flight of our lives.
We’ve been so unwise.
We consumed and assumed.
Now, mask we all be doomed?
We wash it slipping away.
Stay safe, be well, and pray.
Vi, Russ, all of us, in God we trussed:
our fears are tied up with hope.
Try not to mope.


Lightning and Pun-derstorm contest entry

Author's Note:
This poem is an entry in a contest requiring the poem to have PUNS.
I appreciate your time spent reading this, and your editing advice, but please do not think you are doing me a favour by pointing out where I have spelled words wrong. All my words and phrases have been written like this on purpose, to get across another meaning. For instance: "I'm coped up at home" indicates that I am cooped up at home, but also that I am coping with the situation."

Other plays on words (puns):

scare cities = scarcities
hunker games = The Hunger Games
watch your pees and queues = refers to a saying "mind your p's and q's" about the correct way to behave, while also referencing toilet behaviour and supermarket shopping.
I see winter's chill = icy winter's chill
my empty stairs = my empty stares
I'm coped up at home = cooped up but coping
"Woe!" = "Whoa", referring back to the horsemen.
they gave us the ships = gave us the shits
flu = flew
the flight of our lives = the fright or the fight of our lives
mask we all be doomed? = wear a face mask; must we all be doomed?
We wash it slipping away = handwashing; we watch it slipping away
Vi, Russ = virus
in God we trussed = in God we trust.
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