General Fiction posted March 27, 2020

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Was it really her granny?

Oh Granny Jean

by Gail Denham

The room was stifling, oppressive. Only days since Granny Jean had died in that bed, her face waxen in death, closed up, sealing forever the secrets Emma needed. She could still smell the lavender fragrance Granny loved.
Yet, Granny was gone, before she could reveal the truth. Emma felt robbed. Tenderly, she smoothed the quilt. Downstairs, the others waited. She'd be forced to leave. All because Granny left before she cleared things up, told the whole story. She loved Granny with fierce loyalty. Yet, was she even her granny?
The others didn't think so. Emma stared. An envelope corner peeped from under the mattress. She pried it out, praying it wasn't a useless letter from some cousin. A message? Granny wouldn't leave her to fight on her own. Trembling, she ripped it open. "Emma. I remember well the day you were born to my only daughter. You have her eyes." Emma's loud "whoop" shook the curtains! She belonged. Now, let them try to push her out of the family, out of this home, the only one she'd ever known. "Oh Granny. I believed you'd help. Thank you. I love you." Then the real tears began, dotting the paper she held.


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Thanks to Dick Lee Shia for a quilt image. They'd apparently covered up the birth of Emma to Granny's daughter - it never got out, until now.
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Artwork by Dick Lee Shia at

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