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This work has reached the exceptional level
Some appropriate made-up names.

Some Silly Suitable Names: 25

by LisaMay

Continuing my latest series – making up silly names with an observation about who might have such a name.
Feel free to contribute your own offerings in the name of entertainment.

Because I have posted so many myself, and plentiful contributions from others have been added, a few repeats or similar variations may sneak through -- thus proving great minds think alike!

1. Leslie Vittalone thinks we should not disturb the sleeping bear.

2. It’s nice to have Tina Bikkie for a mid-morning or afternoon break.

3. Stan Doverman is an ‘enforcer’ for a debt-collecting agency.

4. Marc da Spotte has a map with instructions detailing the site of buried treasure.

5. Ben Edictine is thinking of becoming a monk, or turning to drink.

6. Olive Oberdair  -- if you look where she’s pointing, you’ll see her house.

Here are some other writers’ contributions:

Gail Denham:
Haven Chuckles leads a group of giggle-prone ladies at a laugh-a-day clinic.

Izzy Abel can't do anything. 
Damanda Dainitch drives bakers bonkers. 
Cardinal Hatcher sits on eggs. 
Fanny Pindger likes girls best. So does Holden A. Brest.

Stenna Thom is complying with the Coronavirus restrictions, but Greta Fellowe is not. 
Polly Sackshun has been taken. But no one knows where. And the aforementioned Greta has been arrested. 
We live in Howard Thymes and Howard has had enough of it already. 
Vi Russ has started work in the Coroner's department but does not want to be addressed by title and name together. 
A friend thought she'd caught Vi but it turned out to be Laura 'Njitis from Africa. 
Clemmy Deare is a socialite who has complained that because of all the social restrictions she is not getting enough publicity any more.

Father Flaps:
Stan Ford had to put up with a lot of teasing while he attended the University of Southern California. 
Ron Doe is a poet who hates the rondeau poetic form. 
Perry Winkle absolutely hates seafood!
Van Dalize is in jail again. He knocked over six mail boxes the other night.
Miss Cheevus is a young teacher who is having an affair with a Grade 12 student. 
Holly Hock works in a local Garden center. 
Frank Furter is the best man at a BBQ. 
Dick Tader is running for President! 
Steve Dore loads and unloads ships.

Morty Merrier really likes big parties. [LisaMay has a story character called Maude Merrier who has been married 8 times.] 
Chuck D. Baddwuns is a quality control expert. 
Paul Noah Punchez is a famous Hispanic boxer.

Michele Harber:
Kenny Bunkport has lived his whole life in Maine. 
Samara U. Cumming is always keeping people waiting. 
Tamara I. Willgettwit is a procrastinator. 
Leigh Mia Lone doesn't want to be bothered.


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